Last night I saw the new film, attendance of which was remarkably light for an opening night. Overall, I found it to be a fun film and recommend it for that reason.  It was a beautiful film, as a film, with gorgeous photography and exquisite music. Swank's performance was memorable and captivating. Gere did better than I thought he would, complete with a passable New England accent that slipped at times.  MacGregor was adequate as Vidal, but not great. Eccleston was only fair as FN, coming across as boisterous and non-intellectual, not even coming close to FN's dapper, soft spoken, intelligent smoothness.  The film was elevated considerably by occasional vintage film clips that, accompanied by music, were very evocative. There were several near the end that were excellent, even moving.

Review of “Amelia”


David K. Bowman

But many of the critics' remarks were correct.  Unfortunately, there were enough glitches that there probably isn't enough space to enumerate them all.   Below follows a brief listing of the ones that stand out in my mind:

Major Glitches:

1.  Near complete omission of AE's early life.

2.  Complete omission of Dorothy Putnam and her part in the story.

3.  Complete omission of Paul Mantz--quite a trick, even in the crash scene at Luke Field.

4.  Portrayal of AE marrying GP after the summer 1931 autogiro flights, when they married in

     February 1931.

5.  Inaccurate and partial portrayal of GP's brief encounter with Elinor Smith.

6.  Portrayal of the 1929 Cleveland Air Race occurring in 1931 or so.

7.  Near complete omission of Fred Noonan, as well as no info on his association with AE.

8.  Hugely inaccurate portrayal of Lae and the final takeoff.

Minor Glitches:

1. A bearded Wilmer Stultz.

2. Earhart in crisp command of the Friendship flight.

3.  FN's attire markedly incorrect.  He seemed to always wear dark slacks and a dark shirt.  In the film, he is always shown in dark shirt but light slacks.

4.  Portrayal of Chief Bellarts, who was 31 at the time with 5 hash marks on his uniform (20 years service).  Mot possible!

Bowman’s Rating:  3 out of 5 Electras, but fun!