"I highly recommend David Bowman's new book, Legerdemain.  It is the most thorough and

objective collection of just about all the evidence and theories regarding what happened, or

did not happen, to Amelia Earhart that I have ever seen . . . literally a meticulous file of all

available old and newly discovered and rigorously analyzed information about the

disappearance and possible survival of Amelia Earhart.  It is thoroughly cataloged and

documented, and a resource that no sincere researcher should pass up making available to


Joe Klaas


"Riveting . . . awesome!"

Donna Seebo, Host, The Donna Seebo Show, BBS Radio

"I read your book and was very much impressed with the depth of your inquiries into the

Earhart disappearance. Anyone who is interested in Amelia Earhart should read Legerdemain.

It is thought provoking to imagine the extent of the investigations that you have made into the

Earhart affair. ..You covered so many areas... The list of references is too long to enumerate.  

 It was a fine job of writing and a very commendable effort.  I know from own experience

how much work you put into this project.  I wish to commend you on such a fine effort and

will certainly make recommendations to the rest of our team working on "The Lost Flight of

Amelia Earhart."

Carol Linn Dow, Technical Adviser

Allied Artists, Inc.

"There are things in there we have never heard. Your idea of putting it all together in one book

was brilliant!"

--John & Irene Bolam

in-laws of the late Guy & Irene Bolam

"David Bowman's book, Legerdemain, is an example of non-judgmental recognition of those

who have published their theories, no matter how ‘far out' they seem to us today in light of

new evidence to the contrary. David deserves accolades for the content and character of his


Pat Ward, Member, Amelia Earhart Society

"I have just finished your book and I must say it is the most comprehensive compilation of

information surrounding the Earhart disappearance that I ever read. "

Paul Rafford, 1930s Pan Am radio expert

"The author, David Bowman, has done an excellent job of pulling all the pieces together in a

way that gives perspective and makes some sense of the many conflicting and contradictory

threads that run through the story of Amelia Earhart's disappearance. It's a must read for

anyone who has the slightest interest in this fascinating and compelling mystery."

J. M. Comcowich, Ph.D.

Professor, University of Hawaii

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