Above, a new photo of the jail on Saipan where

Amelia Earhart is said to have been held.


Left, entrance door to old Japanese pillbox, located in the same general area as the cannon above.


    In February of this year, Dave finally went to Saipan on what is for the Earhart researcher the ultimate research trip.  It was a 22 hour, 3-flight trip that was amazing. He came away with a far greater understanding of Saipan and the various Japanese facilities located on it.  Some of the information gleaned from the trip will appear in a future book, A WAITING DRAGON, which may come out next year.


Above is the projected cover design for a new book, SAIPAN: A SEARCH FOR AMELIA EARHART IN MODERN SAIPAN, that Dave is working on that will lean heavily on his photos, but will also have some new and interesting information. It will be officially launched in Atchison, Kansas at the Amelia Earhart Festival in July.  Dave will also be giving a presentation this year.


Dave with old Japanese cannon on southeast coast of island. No attack ever came on that coast during the invasion.

Both pictures (left and below) courtesy of Jungle Jim Tours

Above is an enhanced image of Amelia Earhart’s jail cell, showing where the graffiti reported by Thomas Devine was, before it was heavily defaced by someone in the years since 1944-5.  Who defaced it and when?

Above, idyllic view of Pau Pau Beach, north of Garapan.  Believe it or not, just 100 feet or so north of here is a site I was shown containing old remnants of the Battle for Saipan.

Above, exterior of pillbox; below, interior  of pillbox.  (Both photos courtesy of Jungle Jim Tours)

Old Cannon, the same as the one above with Dave. It sits just little north of old Aslito Field, which is at the airport. This cannon still stands a silent vigil for an attack which never came.  (Photo courtesy Jungle Jim Tours)


Old Japanese tank, at Old Aslito Field, in the middle of the grounds of Saipan International Airport.