Amelia Earhart Image Gallery


Irene Bolam or Amelia Earhart?

--Courtesy the late Joe Gervais

Doctor's sketch ca 1940 of

skeleton found on Nikumaroro

Island.  Amelia Earhart?  No

connection with Earhart has ever

been proven, mainly because the

bones disappeared many years ago.

70th anniversary commemorative cover,

reproduced from an original with reproduction


Amelia Testing the then-new

parachute in 1935.  (AP Photo)

Handprint of Amelia Earhart, June 1933.

Loading last package of flight covers,

Oakland, CA, 1937.  L-r:  Paul Mantz,

Amelia Earhart, Elmer Dimity and

Nellie G. Donohoe, Oakland


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